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World leaders
in the prestige grooming market
World famous value for money
Edward Goddard
Handcrafted whips since 1887
Technological breakthrough in grooming brushes
Edward Goddard are the oldest surviving whip manufacturer in the UK.

The company has sold over 12 million whips, with approximately 60% exported throughout the world.

Established in 1887, the hallmark remains quality, reliability and value for money.

With the vast array of raw materials carried in stock, we can offer over 1,500 different whips - a small sample of which are shown here.


Whip Cap Range

Nickel Dome or Square End
Nickel Mushroom
White Mushroom
Black Mushroom
Plaited Leather Barrel with Leather top (Brown and Black)
Plaited Leather Barrel with large Nail Top
String Plated Barrel with Nail Top
Leather Cover, Flat Wood Cap
Nickel Ball
Brass Ball

Leather Keepers

  • Lollipop Keeper
  • WSK Triangle Keeper
  • Large Rat TailSmall Rat Tail
  • Open 44 Keeper
  • Fish Tail Keeper
  • No. 1 Keeper (also available in synthetic and heavy PVC)
  • 136 Rectangle Keeper
  • Large Hand
  • Small Hand
  • Horse Head
  • Large Epsom
  • Small Epsom
  • B Keeper

Braided Covered Whips

Braided Colours:
Black, brown, navy blue, royal blue, dark green, emerald green, red, burgandy, yellow, white, silver grey and purple

X Patterns:
Beige with navy/dark green X, blue with purple/yellow X, red with yellow/blue X

Spiral Patterns:
Purple/blue, pink/purple, yellow/navy, silver/blue, dark green/navy, purple/yellow, black/pink, purple/black, black/red, black/green check, black/blue check, black/red/blue check

Other colour mixes may be available on request.


Leatherlike Grip Whips

Reflective Road Whips

Available with or without leatherlike handles.

Can be made in any coloured braid.

Golf Grip Whips

Race Whip
With padded shaft, designed to meet Jockey Club specifications

Sure Grip Whips

Rubber woven into all-weather coloured fabric.

Colours available:

Black, black/white, white, pastel blue, navy, red, burgundy, brown, grey, yellow, pink, purple, green


Ridge Grip Whips

Stitched rubber handle with raised ridges for ultimate comfort and grip.

Colours available:

Black, brown, navy blue, purple, red and turquoise

Dry Grip Whips

Rubberised grip with dry black flecks moulded into the material to give the ultimate grip in wet conditions.

Colours available:

Black, silver, navy and tan


Sure Grip and Metallic Whips

Woven rubber on black fabric with metallic stripe.

Colours available:

Graphite, cobalt blue, emerald green, autumn copper, and gold

Sure Grip Plus Coloured Inserts Whips

Woven rubber on black fabric with coloured insert and metallic border.

Colours available:

Navy blue, cherry red, pastel blue, dark green, purple, grey, silver, and gold

Burgundy Plaited Grip and Keeper Whips

A soft and comfortable whip.

Braid colours available:

Beige, navy, black, burgundy, and dark green - complement handle colour perfectly

Glitter Whips

Add a sparkle to your whip.

Stitched Leather Whips

Colours available:

Black, brown, white, navy blue, and burgundy

Domino Grip Whips

Very tactile grip fo all weather conditions.

Colours available:

Navy blue, tan, silver, and black


Dual Grip Whips

Barrel Grip Whips
Solid rubber barrel grip

Plaited Leather Whips

Colours available:

Black, brown, white, navy blue, and burgandy


Stag Horn and Buffalo Horn


Polo, Side-saddle and Traditional Dressage Whips


Lunge Whips


Hunt Crops

Mens, ladies, childrens and christening.  New and improved horn handle.

Fly Whisk




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